Individual, Corporate and Partnership Tax Preparation and Planning

I can prepare all of your individual and business tax returns and assist you with planning for future tax years. For example, what is the best type of business return for you? I work with every type of business including not-for-profit.

What’s a “Mixed Marriage”?

A “Mixed Marriage” is one where at least one spouse owns a business (no matter how small the business), and at least one is an employee (of any business). Maybe you have a side business, or perhaps one spouse starts a home-based business to stay home with children. “Mixed Marriage” couples have unique tax opportunities. [...]

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How will this year’s tax changes affect you?

…the government and the IRS have been hard at work, busy making changes to the tax code left and right (no pun intended). How will those tax code changes affect you on April 15th? Don’t wait to find out…we’ve got the latest changes to the tax code right here, right now! Click here for Pat’s [...]

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2015: A Year of Change

Life is change. Take a moment and just think about all of the changes in your life in the past year. If you’re like most of us, some of those changes were good, others…not so much. One thing you might not have thought about at the time is the tax effect of those changes! The [...]

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The benefits of early planning

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” That’s a quote from Thomas Edison.  I’m with Edison all the way on that! The earlier you start your tax planning, the more opportunities you’ll find and the more opportunities you’ll be able to take advantage of. In order to take full advantage of some [...]

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“I have never had an accountant. Although business coaches strongly encouraged me to use one, I thought I would be better off doing it myself. I finally woke up. Now I wonder what the heck I was ever thinking. The effectiveness she had demonstrated her expertise in her field, which leaves me more time to work on my business.” David Cook

Pat was the first accountant I have ever used. She was very personable to work with, easy to talk to, accessible, talked in a way I could relate, and earned my trust very quickly. – BNI Member

“Pat has provided outstanding service and advice through the ups and downs of my business. She has advised me through several transitional periods in my business and has guided me to the very best possible tax outcome. She is always looking out for her client’s best interest and is quick to share her expertise. I recommend Pat’s services to my friends and colleagues without hesitation, knowing she will provide them with outstanding service at a great value!” Katrina Laflin

“I have worked with many great CPA’s over the years and Pat is on the top of my list. She is knowledgeable, timely, organized and has integrity in her business. I trust I am getting the highest refund yearly with the confidence that it is done right. Thanks Pat!” Kathy Hardtke

“With the world of personal taxes changing daily, Pat keep me informed of changes with her news letter. She is extremely confident and know the in’s and out’s of the tax world. I would definitely recommend her for any level of tax/accountant work.” Terry Lutrick